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FTP Upload Download

There are several different options available for you to send and receive files from us.

1. Our web based upload-downloader

We have two different web based facilities that allows you to upload your files into our server for editing. They are both quite advanced and you can upload-download as large and as many files as you want. You will get access to them once you proceed to place an order or request a quote.

2. Our FTP facility

If you are more comfortable using FTP to upload & download your files, no problem. Just send us a request and we will be happy to create your personalised FTP account and let you know your login details as soon as possible.

Learn more about our FTP facility >>

3. Your own FTP system

We also welcome you to use your own FTP system. Just upload the images to your FTP server and let us know the login details, we will collect the files from there and return you once edited.

4. Other third party options

Dropbox, Hightail, SendThisFile etc.

You can also use these third party options to send your files to us. However we will return you the edited files through our server, which you can download using the first two options above.

5. Sending files by Courier

If you really have lots of files and you think its an extra burden to send them through internet, you can copy them to an USB flash drive and send it to our production office by courier such as DHL or FedEx. Please contact us to discuss about this option and get the postal address.

Please discuss with the courier to know how long they will take to deliver. They usually have an urgent option so you might want to use that.

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