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How to Change Hair Color in Photoshop?

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In this easy hair color changing tutorial, we will look at how to change hair color using Photoshop. Keep in mind that although it is fairly easy to change light hair to a darker color, it can be harder to change very dark hair to light in Photoshop.

If you follow along with the hair changing technique below, you will be able to change hair color in Photoshop like a pro.

  • The first thing you will open the image in Photoshop that you have chosen for this project.

 Image of hair changing tutorial

  • Next you will do go to the Quick Selection Tool from the toolbar.

 Quick selection tool

  • Then, you will make selection of the hair in the photo using the Quick Selection Tool. After you click on the Quick Select Tool, you will see a small cross-hair. You will use this to select the entire area that the hair covers.

 Selecting hair in the photo

  • Make sure that you smooth out any rough areas, so it will look as smooth as possible. Then you will click OK.

 smoothing out the selection

  • Next you will duplicate the background.

 Duplicate the layer

  • Then you will go to the top of the screen and click the box that says refine edge.

 Refine edge

  • Another screen will open and you will go to the viewing mode, then click “ On Layers,” and the entire area that you did not select, becomes a pattern of grey and white pixels.

 Viewing mode of refine edge

  • Now you may want to touch up any rough areas along the inside edge of the hair selection.

 Selecting On Layer in refine edge

  • Then adjust the edge (smooth, feather, contrast etc.) in the “Refine Edge” box.

 Touching up rough area using refine edge

  • Then go to the bottom box of the “Refine Edge” drop down box, and go to the Output section and un-check the small box there. Where it says, “output to,” you will enter selection in there and then click OK.

Adjust edge in refine edge box

  • Now go to the bottom of the layer to the Adjustments area and click on Selective Color.

 Select the Selection in Output option

  • A box will open and there will be the four basic color schemes in front of you; cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow, and black.

 Selective color box

  • Then select Default and Neutrals in Selective color box.

 Select default and Neutrals in Selective color box

  • Begin by going to the black line. Watch as you bring it up or down and hair gets lighter or darker. So take it down to about -28 on the black.

Adjusting black line in selective color box

  • Then adjust the yellow bar to about +32.

Adjusting yellow line in selective color box

  • Then go to the Magenta and see what happens when you slide the bar to the right or left. If you go to the right, the hair color will turn quite red.

Adjusting Magenta line in selective color box

  • But if you move it too far to the right, the hair will turn green. OK, so now go back down to the bar marked “black.” You are able to change the lightness or darkness of the hair tone here.

Select black in selective color box

  • So, for example, If you move the slider to the far left the hair will turn quite light blond in color.

Moving slider to the left in Black line

  • But if you move it to the far right, the color will get quite dark.

Moving slider to the right in Black line

  • If you adjust the cyan and yellow bar at the top, you can add blue highlights to the hair color as well.

How to change hair color in Photoshop?

You can do many different color combinations; it just depends on what you are looking to do. You will find that you can do much of the changes in hair color by using the color selection and simply moving the sliders until you are happy with the results. You can do this technique quickly using Photoshop keyboard shortcut.

Best of luck with your color editing.

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