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Clipping Path/ Image Cut Out Service

Clipping Path & Photo Cut Out Service

We ensure that all our clipping path work is hand drawn by pen tool in Photoshop, as this provides the very best levels of detail. A clipping path is often the best and only choice when a high quality background removal is needed, and by using pen tool our resident experts are able to deliver the very best clipping paths for your images.

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Photoshop Image Masking Service

Masking techniques can be useful when there are small details or problematic elements in an image that can’t be dealt with by clipping paths. Hair is a good example of this. Masking offers the best solution in such cases, especially for portrait or close up images of models, and will deliver the best degree of detail for your chosen image.

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Photo Retouching/ Cloning Services

Retouching offers the best solution to clean up your images, and is perhaps one of the most common requirements and editing procedures for pictures or photos that include models. Airbrushing and cloning techniques are used to remove any imperfections such as spots, scratches or wrinkles and deliver smooth and flawless results – perfect for advertising or brand placement.

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Image Manipulation Service

Sometimes, you may find that two images or perhaps even more have the perfect content that you are looking for. Getting the right elements removed and re worked into the ideal final piece is what manipulation is all about. Clipping Path Specialist can bring the desired elements from multiple images together to form a new single, complete image as desired using manipulation techniques in Photoshop.

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Drop Shadow/ Reflection Shadow/ Mirror Effect

Employing drop shadows is a must for any images featuring your product, especially where the product image itself is superimposed on an artificial background. Clipping Path Specialist will employ drop shadow techniques to make sure your product looks natural and part of the image, and doesn’t simply ‘float’ in space. Mirroring can further enhance the quality and placement of images.

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Image Enhancement Service

Older or lower quality digital images can often be brought back to life using photo enhancement. This can open up a number of new options when it comes to choosing your images, as Clipping Path Specialist can bring the best out of such files using colour correction and enhancing contrast. This is normally a standard step for any image, new or old, but can make all the difference when it comes to delivering punchy images.

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Raster to Vector Image Conversion Service

Make the most out of your logo or brand image by utilising our vector conversion services. Low quality or resolution images can be vastly improved by converting into vectors to bring them up to higher resolution and quality, and this is another service we provide at Clipping Path Specialist to make sure your logo or brand name stands out.

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Website Image Optimisation Service

Give your website and overhaul with Clipping Path Specialist. Simply upload your web content to us and we will clip, resize, crop, edit and save your improved content in an optimised web format. This can be a great way to inject new life into your website and make sure you are up to date and streamlined for customer interaction.

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