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Unbeatable Rates and Unmatched Online Photo Editing Services

Keeping a lifetime of fresh memories in digital format has changed the way everyone looks at photos. Framing is now not only wooden. Having irregular shapes, masking and adding new dimensions and reflective shadows are common. Getting them professionally done makes all the difference.

‘Can you remove this pesky tourist from my holiday photo? He is spoiling the photo frame.’ A client can come with the most unusual request. Sometimes a corporate client asks for a more creative design to the ad campaign. A regular photographer needs to change the color tone of the landscape. His client needs another perspective of the garden with another texture. These are just few of the things that come up when photo-editing company is contacted.  All these are photo-editing jobs that need professional help. But clipping path services have become so common that to distinguish one company from the other is difficult. In fact it has become confusing to isolate one firm that can accomplish a reserve of complex photo editing services. This is where Clipping Path Specialist has been able to have its distinct identity.

Unusual request for photo editing need specialists to work on them. Now an unusual request can also be removing a finger blur or red eye too in a group of photos. Clipping Path Specialist has its editing suite based in Dhaka where nearly a 100 employees work in 3 shifts. The company was recently in the news for its corporate social responsibility act that featured a vaccination drive amongst its employees against hepatitis B. They keep taking such initiatives to create awareness. Over a period of time the company has now become a staple for several professional agencies for photo processing. The CEO of this web-enterprise said, “when we hear comments like ‘it’s an awesome job’, it satisfies us.’ It helps us to do better.”  Producing world-class work is essential, as globally the Internet has bought everyone closer. Having an international presence has helped the company to be alert on outsourcing competition. The dedicated team of local designers works in three shifts to service the customers. Since the company has experienced professionals, complex jobs like image masking, drop shadow, mirroring text effects with text and image extraction are all done. To keep regular clients happy package deals are worked out easily. While regular customers keep the work going, the new comers allow creativity to flourish. Free trials, revisions and samples allow them to have confidence in the work. Tailor made solutions are given too.

Clipping Path Specialist does not work like an online factory but caters to specific needs. Hence, there are special reasons that bring clients on this digital platform. For example isolating objects is no simple task. But designers in the studio do this often for web-stores that need to sell merchandise, fashion photographers, and advertising agencies. Compatibility with the techniques and tools is an ongoing process at the company. Even certified designers hone their talent by adopting new software that comes in the market rapidly.

Now it is your turn to sign up and ask for a free trial. Chances are that you will be sending bulk work and paying realistic prices. Visit the website to register and upload a sample picture in any format to be processed.

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Rokaiya is a creative graphic designer, Internet marketer, and a blogger. She joined the team of clippingpathspecialist.com is a brand of Outsource Experts Ltd on 2010 as a head of it’s marketing department, and she's been working with the tool ever since! She likes to share tips and tricks on photo editing and graphic design!

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