Money Back Guarantee

At Clipping Path Specialist we value your custom and strive to please at all levels. In fact this is so important to us that it is 100% guaranteed. In the unlikely event we fail to deliver to your complete satisfaction, we offer a full Money Back Guarantee. Our terms are simple and straight forward. Please read important information below.
Clipping Path Specialist Money Back Guarantee

Important Information

How do I qualify to claim a refund?

When you receive edited images from us and you do not find the quality of finished work in accordance with your brief, you may choose to claim a refund. See below how the criteria may affect your eligibility to claim a refund:


Money Back Status

None of the edited images conform to the customer brief. Customer can ask for a refund.
It is found that the brief provided by customer was not clear or accurate or it was misguided and open to misinterpretation. Money Back Guarantee is not applicable. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee will be applicable once the correct, clear brief is submitted and understood.
Customer asks for revisions by providing feedback. Money Back Guarantee will not be applicable. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee becomes applicable upon completion of work.
Take no action for 30 days. Money Back Guarantee offer becomes void.
Late or delayed delivery. Money Back Guarantee is not applicable within a 2 working days delay: 2 days is calculated from the time when completion of the order was due. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee becomes applicable.

Why doesn’t Money Back Guarantee apply to late delivery of jobs?

At Clipping Path Specialist we have few hundreds of clients at any one time; whilst each client is treated on equal terms, occasionally it becomes impossible to service everyone at the same time. In such cases, you may experience a slight delay in receiving your images. Although we have a strong and dedicated workforce to cope with any sudden influx of material, we would ask customers to please be aware of this from the outset when placing your order.

However, in certain circumstances, we may be able to offer customers a discount in compensation for delay. This will depend on the circumstances and each individual case will be judged on its own merit.

How long does it take to process a refund?

It can take up to 21 working days to process your refund.

Why does Clipping Path Specialist provide a Money Back Guarantee?

We are so confident of our skills and in delivering to a high level of customer satisfaction that it is rarely necessary to give a refund. However, in the unlikely event that we fail to please, our guarantee offers complete peace of mind from the outset.

Good faith

The Money Back Guarantee is provided in good faith with respect to human skills; we value honesty, mutual co-operation and constructive feedback. We expect our customers to exhibit a fair, ethical and non abusive approach.

Please note: customers claiming a refund are strictly forbidden to use the edited images that we return. Please delete any file/image that we have edited and returned you.

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