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FTP is the most powerful and reliable method of uploading and downloading large file or large number of file(s). Using FTP you can upload/download “folder” and any amount or size of files. As long as there is space on our server’s hard drive, there is no limitation, and our dedicated server is configured with lots of space.

How to get your FTP login details?

Please send a request to create your personalized FTP account. We will create it and come back to you with login details as soon as possible.

Please note: before you send the request, make sure you are already registered as a client.

How to use our FTP facility?

You need to download an FTP client software from the internet and install on your pc or mac. There are quite a lot of FTP client software available on the internet that you can use, and most of them are FREE!

Few popular FTP clients

If you need help using FTP software, you can search google with keyword such as “How to use FileZilla” and then look for a good tutorial.

If you experience any problem or need help please do not hesitate to contact us.

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