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Using Layers for Photoshop Masking with Color Match

Colors can make or break the image. The right color match plays a big role in Photoshop masking. It can be done with the help of layering. Making use of a selective color palette is the key to some good images.

Often we see images that have a single object in color and the rest is in sepia tones or in a single contrasting color. For example a blue colored yacht on the sea with the harbor in the background on a clear day can prove to be very vibrant. Can the vibrancy be toned down? Yes it can be. The use of Photoshop masking with contrast or matching hues can be applied.  The final image can have the perfect composition wherein the yacht is blue, which is the main focus of the image. The rest is blurred or made into a single color. The use of layer masks is needed for the editing process.  Extracting the yacht with a clipping path can also do the same.  To add drama to the object (yacht), it can be put in a new image. Perhaps it is sailing away into the ocean or moving around a waterfall. Of course when it comes to the brief from the client, the visual will match the requirement.

With the use of adjustment layers the designer is able to use contrast colors also. The possibilities are unlimited for many clients. For example t-shirts can be changed, the colors can be changed, and product packs can be of different shades, car shades can be altered too. The use of color replacement tool can be used. It is near the brush tool in Photoshop. The color is selected for painting. One can also get the exact shade by using tolerance tool. Re-coloring over other colors also can be done. Several details can be done with this tool. With the help of the selective tool one can adjust the number of colors. But they all have to be done with the help of layering. Colors can also be replaced if they do not fit the composition. The replace color tool is effective for the same. One can isolate the area and do re-coloring only in that portion of the picture. With the use of fuzziness slider adjustment adjusts the pixels accordingly. If the image still needs to be worked upon, then saturation and lightness can be used. There is a way to further refine the color scheme. Localized color clusters also can be pitched in from the toolbox.

But it must be noted that only a professional has the power to understand and use the right Photoshop masking tools with the color match. An outsourcing firm uses the best and advanced designers for doing these complex jobs. It is an ideal way to combine the real and the digital world in images. They are able to even occasionally use the faux mask layer to sharpen the picture in a particular spot. This is one of the most advanced Photoshop elements. When this advanced feature is deployed it does not require a third party plug-in. Most advanced version of Photoshop software has it. The benefits of masking are plenty for many businesses where images play a big role in bringing profits.

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