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No Good or Better But Only the Best With Image Retouching Technique

From the time when artists would retouch photos using brush and paint to this age of digital retouching; technology has undergone sea change. But the human mind and it longing for beauty remains unaltered. Does photo retouching take away the credentials of good photography?

The mankind’s tryst of with beautiful visual is eternal. Image retouching has been an editor’s tool to look superior in pictures than in real life. In this age, it is hard to distinguish between a really great shot and a digitally enhanced one. In fact, hardly any image gets exhibited before experts retouch it. No one can deny that image retouching has countless benefit. There are some of the best-known images retouching techniques. Apply them to get best results out of the tools offered by photo editing software.

Color Correction-

Change the look of the image by just changing the colors of the foreground and background. For this purpose, the Eyedropper is a great tool. Select a proper foreground color and in a similar way change the background color as well. One can also make changes in just the background color by keeping the foreground color intact. This brings in instant newness to the photo.

Skin Retouching-

There are several methods of skin retouching. Many professionals prefer using camera raw for this purpose. Use the Spot Healing Brush tool to develop the image. Once the basic development is complete, put the image on a fresh layer. The image is then addressed as a Smart Object. After opening the Camera raw dialogue box, the use can set the clarity value. Make sure that “Create Layer Mask” follows the process. A soft brush is then used to paint the skin. Some artists also use the opacity slider that reins the extent of retouching. With this process, not only the flaws of the skin get removed but also the general countenance appears brighter.

Distinguished Paleness-

 To achieve distinguished paleness, start by copying the background layer and adjust ‘Screen’ as its blending mode. Then go to Image, then to adjustment from there to De-saturate and finally to shadow or highlight. But the job is not complete yet unless the pale areas are painted using the ‘Create Layer Mask’ option. The opacity slider is used to control the paleness of the image.

Bright Eyes-

Eyes are the gateways to great photos. Create dazzling eyes start from New Adjustment Layer and then to Exposure. Then the layer mask has to be filled with black. Paint the irises with white and pupils with black. Once this is complete, set the Luminosity as the blending mode of adjustment layers. This along with changing the offset slider will bring instant brightness to the eyes.

In addition to this there are several other methods to bright eyes. The Orton effect, the dodge and burn look, setting lights, flexible vignette, split toning effect, controlling folders, optimized lasso selection, aligning layer contents, restoring selection, are some of the image retouching techniques.

Getting the best images is a professional job. For such jobs it is best to contact online reputed studios that have skilled workers. It is the best way to ensure that one can get the best pictures. Reputed studios have the latest software at their disposal to bring perfect looks.

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