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Amazon’s Black Friday 2016 Deals & Sales

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Amazon runs a 5-day Black Friday deals every year. This year they have doubled that, and they will be running it from November 12-25th. Amazon attracts about 186 million monthly visitors. This number spikes during the Black Friday week, which comes immediately after Thanksgiving.

Amazon is the largest e-commerce website in the world with more than 900 million products across twelve major segments markets. Black Fridays are one of the highest selling points on the platform for the more than 3 million third-party traders. Last year Amazon sold about 7.4 million products on Black Friday. As a seller or agent on Amazon, there are a number of ways you can maximize your Black Friday sales.

Source products that are trending

Product images that are trending on Amazon

Some of the top trending products selling on Back Friday are the tech gadgets. These include smartphones, laptops, cameras, small appliances and video games. Even then top trending products tend to vary from place to place depending on the purchasing power. The best thing you can do as a third party seller is to carry out research on the top trending product in your area of interest. Make sure you can stock as much of the product as possible. It’s often easy to anticipate what kind of products consumers will buy based on your understanding of the market.

Stock your inventory

Based on your knowledge of the products and the market dynamics make sure you stock those items. There’s nothing as a tragic business situation as running out of stock during the Black Friday sales. You will not only lose out on the sales, but you’ll also lose credibility with the buyers. A fair share of them might leave a negative review on your product thus lowering its overall ranking. If you are about to run out of stock in the middle of Black Friday, partner up with another online outlet and let them meet your demand.

Start promotional sales

start promotional sales

Black Friday is a promotional season. Even then you can create irresistible deals that will put your head and shoulder above your competitors. First keep in mind that most of your sales will come from your loyal supporters. On average loyal customers spend ten times more than new clients. Therefore, create promotional sales that are majorly targeted at the loyal clients. Secondly, plan your incentives. Will you offer discounts alone? What about coupons and value add? Will you also have trial offers for digital products? Pick your promotional style based on your understanding of your potential Black Friday clients.

Offer fast and minimum shipping

Offer fast and minimum shipping

The excitement of Black Friday means people want to enjoy their half-price purchases as soon as possible. Amazon offers shipping time and charges on most products. Some products are subject to free shipping. These mostly include orders below $35 same day delivery. For most products, Amazon requires a spending of about $49 and above to qualify for free shipping. Make sure your client’s products are granted the lowest shipping charges possible. Most of the products have a 3-5 day shipping time.

Upload best images

Products with clean, slick and detailed images are likely to get more views and greater conversions. Amazon allows you to upload different types of JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, and PNG image versions. Given that most consumers are seeking to maximize their sales they won’t linger long on a poor quality photo. Have the product photo taken by a product or commercial photographer and properly edited like the bellow image.

Before starting see Amazon’s product image guideline.

Product image edited

Preferably your file should be above 1000 pixels in length and width. The minimum is 500 pixels. It should be able to cover at least 85% of the image frame.

Are you afraid of editing your images or don’t want to wast time? Don’t worry, with a dedicated team of 300 DTP professionals, we can have your pictures edited and returned to you within 24 hours. Visit us and request a quote now.

Black Friday presents a fantastic opportunity for you to sell as many products as possible. But this is dependent on your preparation and tactics. Your ability to carry out targeted marketing, offer superior products and engage clients will determine how much sales you make. Black Friday is simply an opportunity to lock-in your regular customers and draws new ones.

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